impossibly clever

redesigned flatware

faces of knork 

reusable flatware

KNORK Eco linking cool design and great functionality with authentic sustainability.

Dishwasher safe, plant-based Astrik material meets Knork's smart design and functionality learn more here

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HAND forged flatware

Featuring an ergonomic design, all Knork Flatware lines accurately fit the way we naturally eat. 


The Knork fork has built-in cutting powers.  

 coated flatware

A modern industrial look and the unmatched functionality of the original KNORK design combine to create a perfect marriage of beauty and brains. 

Black Matte Made Oprah's Favorite Things

Black Matte Flatware

We've re-conceptualized the whole notion of what silverware should be with a new approach-and created a better dining experience.




Form + Function

 Flatware design has been over-complicated and overthought for decades. Reach for flatware with a clever design and amazing functionality. Seems inconsequential, but it's something small to make your day better, similar to your comfiest pair of jeans!

flatware sets


Less is More

Even though the concept and patented design features we've added might seem simple, there’s so much more to us than meets the eye. Using KNORK is about creating an elevated, restaurant-worthy dining experience that will leave a lasting impression

knork fork


Built to Last

Each piece goes through a 26-step manufacturing process, hand-forged from a single bar of stainless steel to create a solid, well-balanced final product.  

So rest assured, with craftmanship like this, your Knork sets will withstand the test of time!

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