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redesigned flatware



reusable flatware

They're a quick and effective way to create positive impact without shifting the consumer culture. 

Biodegradable reusable flatware

forged flatware

Featuring an ergonomic design, all Knork Flatware lines accurately fit the way we naturally eat. 


The Knork fork has built-in cutting powers.  

 coated flatware

A modern industrial look and the unmatched functionality of the original KNORK design combine to create a perfect marriage of beauty and brains. 

Black Matte Made Oprah's Favorite Things

We've re-conceptualized the whole notion of what silverware should be with a new approach-and created a better dining experience.

Sample Salad Knork

Sample Salad Knork


Design Features

knork eco is ...


Lasting only a short time in the landfill. Once the product is thrown away heat, moisture, and bacteria common in landfills begin to eat away at the product. Breaking down cleanly to leave no trace for generations to come.


The bamboo we use is mostly made of off cuts and leftovers from factories that make furniture and flooring.
Our manufacturing process is perfect for using those imperfect pieces!

Dishwasher Safe

Biodegradable by design but tested to withstand over 500 runs in a commercial dishwasher


Made from renewable natural starches and ground bamboo.

Astrik emits 1/5 of the greenhouse gases of traditional plastics in manufacturing.


Modifying Machines used for traditional plastics to make a responsible material. Ensuring the same machines will be used for decades to come.

Smart Design

Knork ergonomic design and beveled tines easily cut through food with one hand. 

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