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  • Made of sugar cane starch + bamboo offcuts, Knork Eco Party Plates feature a built-in glass holder + Knork Eco fork hanging spot to hold all you need in one hand
  • Designed with a cutout in the center of each plate to house your wine glass, allowing for single-handed mingling
  • Knork Fork Hanging Notch -- works with Knork stainless steel and our eco forks
  • The Knork Party Plate is perfect for everything from backyard BBQs and cocktail parties to black tie affairs.
  • The Eco Party Plate's best companion is our Eco fork--the cutout lets you nestle it when drinking or eating finger food, but the fork's cutting edge means serving a menu of more than just appetizers.
  • Set Includes 1 plate - Size 10.5" x 9" x .625"
  • Dishwasher safe-toss them in and you're ready for the next big shindig. No more plastic waste!
  • This set makes a fabulous hostess gift or present for any occasion!
  • Perfect for happy hour or business Cocktail parties

Eco Party Appetizer Plate, Single

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