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Elevate Your Soirees with the Knork Eco Party Bundle! 🌿✨

What's Inside? Dive into the ultimate sustainable party pack:

  • 1 Chic Eco Party Cup for sips that matter.
  • 1 Sleek Eco Party Plate with a clever cutout for your wine glass—cheers to multitasking!
  • 1 Eco Fork, Spoon, & Knife Set: Unleash gourmet possibilities beyond the usual finger foods. Our Eco fork, a true showstopper, glides through dishes with unmatched ease.

Why It’s a Game-Changer:

  • Mingle Ready: Our ingeniously designed plate comes with a special spot for your Eco wine glass, ensuring your guests always have one hand free to greet, eat, and toast the night away.
  • Eco-Smart: Crafted from Astrik, our biodegradable, plant-based marvel, this set doesn't just look good—it does good, breaking down in just 2 years post-party.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Tested to withstand over 500 commercial washes, we're ready for round after round of celebrations.
  • Knork’s Signature Design: Merging sustainability with our famed functionality, this bundle is a testament to smart design meeting green innovation.

From laid-back BBQs to the most elegant galas, the Knork Eco Party Bundle is your ticket to an unforgettable, eco-conscious gathering. Pair up the dynamic duo of the Knork Eco Party Plate and Fork for a seamless dining dance. Let's party the sustainable way—with style, grace, and a tiny carbon footprint. 🍃🥂

Eco Party Pack, 5 Piece Set

SKU: 752
  • Knork Eco astrik - a bioplastic completely free of modified polymers and plastic.   

    Each cup measure 8" tall. Plate is 10" in diameter. Utensils 6.75 in long

    Eco Party Cup built for the Eco Party Plate and Eco fork. Linking great design and great functionality with authentic sustainability. 

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