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The ultimate party favor!  

Set includes - 1 Eco Party Cup, 1 Eco Party Plate, 1 Eco fork, 1 Eco Spoon, 1 Eco Knife. 


The Knork Party Bundle is perfect for everything from backyard BBQs and cocktail parties to black tie affairs. With a cutout to hold the Eco outdoor wine glass, your guests will have a free hand to eat or greet friends with a wave. Pair it with the Eco fork--which can cut through most foods with ease—and expand your menu beyond simple finger foods or hors d'oeuvres. Use the grooved notch as your Knork nestling spot for your fork until you’re ready to chow down again. The perfect couple: The Knork Eco Party Plate and Fork Astrik Material - Biodegradable Reusable Dishwasher safe (tested over 500 commercial washes) Biodegrades in 2 years once thrown into a landfill Plant-based material meet's Knork's smart design and functionality

Eco Party Pack, 5 Piece Set

SKU: 752
  • Knork Eco astrik - a bioplastic completely free of modified polymers and plastic.   

    Each cup measure 8" tall. Plate is 10" in diameter. Utensils 6.75 in long

    Eco Party Cup built for the Eco Party Plate and Eco fork. Linking great design and great functionality with authentic sustainability. 

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