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At Knork, we forge more than just flatware; we craft experiences that transform ordinary meals into memorable dining events. Our journey began with a simple, yet groundbreaking idea: to create utensils that aren't just tools but seek to enhance the pleasure and efficiency of dining. We've spent years meticulously designing and patenting utensils that embody smart innovation and ergonomic precision. Our unique selling point is the Knork's built-in cutting capability, a feature that showcases our dedication to revolutionizing the way people eat.

Our vision led us to the next chapter in our story: the Knork ECO line. In our commitment to sustainability, we've pioneered a collection that is as kind to the planet as it is to our customers. Knork ECO utensils are a marvel of modern engineering—fully compostable, yet robust enough to withstand the rigors of a dishwasher. These pieces of eco-innovation can biodegrade in an industrial compost facility within two years and even in a landfill, they return to the earth without a trace within a few more.

We chose materials that tell a story of environmental stewardship: sugarcane and bamboo offcuts, byproducts from furniture manufacturing, are given new life in Knork's ECO line. The result is a BPI-certified Astrik resin material that shapes our vision for a future where elegance, convenience, and sustainability coexist. Knork Eco Astrik utensils are not just bioplastics; they are a testament to our brand's philosophy. They contain no modified polymers or plastics, standing as proof of our unwavering commitment to a cleaner planet.


Our dream is bold yet simple: to merge our ingenious Knork designs with Astrik resin, creating an innovative, eco-friendly line of products. We aim to inspire sustainability with every bite, turning every meal into an opportunity to care for our planet. Join us as we continue to innovate and tread lightly on the earth, one Knork at a time.

Knorks changing colors with strawberries
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