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Sip Sustainably with Knork's 4-Pack Eco Stems 🌿✨

Introducing the ultimate eco-conscious addition to your party essentials - the Knork 4-Pack Eco Stems. Perfect for elevating your girls' night wine sessions, housewarming cocktail parties, outdoor BBQs, or serene picnics, these stem glasses blend elegance with environmental responsibility.

Why You'll Love Them:

  • Fully Compostable & Reusable: Crafted from the innovative Eco Astrik material, a blend of sugarcane and bamboo offcuts from furniture factories, these glasses offer the best of both worlds - they’re both planet-friendly and party-ready.
  • Vibrant Mixed Set Colors: Add a splash of color to your celebrations with our mixed set featuring Orange, Coral, Aqua, and Teal. Each color is designed to complement any setting and mood, making your gatherings unforgettable.
  • High-Quality & Break Resistant: Measuring 8” tall, each cup is not just a statement of style but also of durability. Break-resistant and high-quality, they're perfect for any outdoor or indoor event where elegance and reliability are key.
  • Certified Sustainability: Proudly BPI certified under ASTM D6400 and boasting commercial dishwasher-safe credentials, these cups are at the forefront of sustainable design, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite beverages without compromising on environmental values.
  • Versatile Use: With a 14oz capacity and a shape that's perfect for all kinds of drinks, these Eco Party Cups are your go-to for any occasion. Designed to work seamlessly with our Eco Party Plates, they link great design with functionality and genuine sustainability.


The Knork Difference: At Knork, we're dedicated to redefining the dining and drinking experience with a focus on sustainable innovation. Our 4-Pack Eco Stems are a testament to our commitment to combining eco-friendly materials with cutting-edge design. Whether you're toasting to friendship, celebrating milestones, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, these eco stems ensure that your good times are good for the planet too.


Embrace Eco Elegance: Ready to make your gatherings greener and more glamorous? Grab a set (or two) of our Eco Party Cups and let the good times flow. 


Add to Cart today and join Knork in making every sip a sustainable one. Here’s to celebrations that leave a lasting impression, not a footprint. 🥂🌎

Eco Party Cup, 4 Piece Multi, Outdoor Wine Glass

SKU: 760
    • Each cup measures 8” tall. High Quality Break resistant
    • Knork Eco astrik is BPI certified --- ASTM D6400 with Commercial dishwasher certified testing
    • The versatile eco party cup 14oz cup is shaped for drinks of all kinds.
    • Eco Party Cup works with our Eco Party Plate. Linking great design and great functionality with authentic sustainability. 
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