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Introducing KNORK® Curve: where cutting-edge style meets unparalleled functionality. This collection sets itself apart from the Knork Original with its more refined profile—sleeker, slimmer, and lighter, yet maintaining the high standard of design and utility Knork is celebrated for.


Renowned within the gourmet world, Knork’s rise to fame can be attributed to its foundational principle: simplicity perfected. It’s a reimagined, superior version of the traditional fork, transforming every meal into a seamless dining experience. KNORK Flatware is not just an accessory to the dinner plate but a revolutionary addition to the dining tableau. Experiencing KNORK Curve for the first time brings an epiphany—dining as you know it will never be the same.


Each piece within the KNORK Curve collection is distinguished by its signature features: ergonomically designed smooth stem fingertip platforms for enhanced comfort, a weight that’s both heavier and balanced for perfect handling, and an overall ergonomic shape that complements the natural way you eat.


Embrace the future of dining with KNORK Curve—the ultimate evolution in flatware, designed to elevate the act of eating into an art form.

Curve 20 Piece Set

SKU: 186
  • Includes 4 ea   dinner knork, salad knork, dinner knife, tablespoon and teaspoon.  Available only in 18/0 composition.  

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