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Dive Into Elegance with Our 12-Piece Starter Set 🌊✨

Curious about Knork? Ready to elevate your dining without diving too deep too soon? Our 12-Piece Starter Set is your perfect splash into the world of refined dining, offering a sleek and casual 3-piece place setting for four. Each set comes complete with our signature dinner fork, a versatile tablespoon, and a precision-crafted dinner knife.


Why you'll love this set: 

Modern Meets Comfort: Each Knork piece boasts a contemporary profile designed for the modern table, complete with a comfort finger platform and a weight that feels just right in your hand.

An Experience in Every Bite: Balanced, ergonomic, and featuring deeper scoops, our forks and spoons are designed to make every meal memorable. And the innovative beveled tines? Say goodbye to separate steak knives; these forks can handle it all.
Lifetime Love: Backed by a lifetime warranty, our 18/0 stainless steel set is built to last, making it a smart, one-time investment for endless dining enjoyment.

Original 12 Piece Starter Set

SKU: 035
    • Here's What You Get:

      4 Dinner Forks: 7.625", 78g of dining revolution.
      4 Tablespoons: 7.625", 90g of scooping perfection.
      4 Dinner Knives: 9", 95g of cutting excellence.
      Crafted from 18/0 hand-forged stainless steel, these pieces aren't just utensils; they're an invitation to a new world of dining. With a composition that promises both durability and a sleek finish, this set is the beginning of a lifelong love affair with your tableware.

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