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  • NEW! Eco Knife from Knork. Dual purpose ultimate spreader and serrated.
  • Knork ergonomic design and beveled tines easily cut through food with one hand.
  • Dishwasher safe but biodegradable by design
  • Lightweight and durable. Great for work and school lunches, Travel, on the go, byo cutlery, parties
  • Other sustainable utensils on the market are seriously lacking on durability,
  • Plant-based astrik (sugar cane starch and bamboo) composts in 2 years
  • Set includes 8 Eco Knorks, 8 Eco Spoons, 8 Eco Knives all pieces measure 6.75" in length
  • Eco Chic perfect for dinner parties, catering events, private chef dinners event

Eco 24 Piece Biodegradable Bamboo Reusable Flatware

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