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Take your Eco or original KNORK stainless salad fork/teaspoon with you with our NEW carry case.  Design inspired by bamboo, made from bamboo (plant based astrik material).  Eco To-Go Carrying Case is dishwasher-friendly for easy cleanup.

One simple thing you can do to help save oceans, bring your own cutlery instead of using one time use disposables.


For Opening --  Slide:
Place the carry case top-side-down in your palm and grasp the sides between your fingers and thumb.  Then put your other thumb towards the bottom, and push it forward as shown by the arrow.

We encourage putting the piece in the dishwasher opened fully to the stop points but to completely disassemble for cleaning follow the below instructions.  


To Disassemble for Cleaning:

To Disconnect the two pieces for cleaning Carry Case:  Extend the two parts until the Stoppers grab, then simply bend the two pieces until they come apart and detach.  Re-attach the two parts again by inserting the top (logo-ed) part of the case from end, and pushing the pieces back together until the grooves match up and tracks are in place.

Eco Carry Case

SKU: 720-G
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