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KNORK Flatware is ergonomically designed to correctly fit the way we naturally eat. Its patented design combines innovation and function to produce a complete line of modern flatware designed with comfort, style and stability in mind. Includes: Salad Knork, Place Knork, Place Knife, Place Spoon, Teaspoon.
Forged Stainless Steel,  8 mm gauge
Dinner Fork:      7.625”                  78 g
Salad Fork:          6.75”                      65 g
Dinner Knife:    9”                            95 g
Teaspoon:          6.75”                      75 g
Tablespoon:      7.625”                  90 g

Beautiful + effective flatware
Heavier than usual not too heavy
Balanced, ergonomic, comfort finger platforms 
The smooth, contoured handle made just for your hands
Forks and spoons both boast deeper scoops
The innovative beveled tines on fork can cut and spear anything on the plate with ease

5 Piece Place Setting

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