20 Piece Curve Chrome + 3 Piece XL Serving

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20 Piece Set of Chrome Curve and a FREE 3 Piece XL Serving Set! 

Set your table in style with this Curve Flatware from KNORK® where ultra modern style and functionality converge. Knork's popularity in the elite culinary world stems from its simplicity-a redesigned, better version of the fork! 
Once you wrap your hand around our fork, you'll wonder how you ever had dinner without one.
Each Curve Flatware from KNORK® piece features unique attributes including smooth stem fingertip platforms, a heavier, balanced weight, and an ergonomic design to correctly fit the way you naturally eat.

• 20-piece set includes:4 each of the Salad Fork, Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Soup Spoon, & Teaspoon  in GLOSS Finish  AND  a FREE 3 Piece XL Serving Set

• Dishwasher safe

• 100% Forged Stainless Steel

Limited Lifetime warranty

Product Care and Use

This item is currently unavailable online. However, more items may be available directly from Knork. Please contact us for more information.