Knork Storage Tray Extra Large CUSTOM drawers

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KNORK's NEW Extra  LARGE Solid wood flatware storage in weathered gray. This tray is made for the ultimate KNORK collector/fan. Holds a service for 16 + extras (accessories, steak knives). Dimensions 16.5"x 21"x1.75".  This option (option #4 on layout) offers an alternate layout that's similar in size to the large box only larger. It's just about 2 inches larger in length and width. Includes compartments for standard flatware + steak knives and extras. Each solid wood tray is handcrafted by a husband and wife team in Alabama, Independent Box Works.

Since this is a hand-made, one of a kind item, please allow a +/- .25" margin of error on the dimensions to allow for small deviations in the wood thickness and other variables.


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Price: $73.00