KNORK Original 12-Piece Flatware Starter Set

Price: $51.99
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This 12 PIECE matte finish set includes: 4 custom 3-piece settings,  each setting consists of 4 ea Dinner KNORK, Dinner Knife,  & Table Spoon. This is a great starter set, and intro to jump into the KNORK line.  You can always add to your collection (the salad Knork forks and teaspoons) over time.

It has probably never occurred to you that your flatware could be better, but it can. That’s where KNORK comes in.  All of the KNORK pieces feature a modern profile, comfort finger platform, and a balanced weight that lead to an experiential and comfortable dining experience.

Backed with a lifetime warranty.  Dishwasher safe - 18/0 stainless steel will last a lifetime without issues, with proper care.

Product Care and Use

Price: $51.99