KNORK Original 12-Piece Flatware Starter Set

Price: $59.99
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Are you a KNORK newbie? Just wanting to dip your toes in the water with just a few pieces to start? Then this is the bundle for you! If you fall in love (and we know you will), you can always add the additional pieces (salad fork & teaspoon) to your collection later-we offer them as an open stock option on the site!

This 12 PIECE matte finish set includes: 4 custom 3-piece settings,  each setting consists of 4 ea Dinner KNORK, Dinner Knife,  & Tablespoon.

It has probably never occurred to you that your flatware could be better, but it can. That’s where KNORK comes in.  All of the KNORK pieces feature a modern profile, comfort finger platform, and a balanced weight that lead to an experiential and comfortable dining experience.

Backed with a lifetime warranty.  Dishwasher safe - 18/0 stainless steel will last a lifetime without issues with proper care.

Product Care and Use

Price: $59.99