22 Piece Copper Flatware Set

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This set includes KNORK’s 20 piece set (service for 4) and 2 serving pieces (a slotted spoon and a serving spoon). 

Bring a new metal into the mix with KNORK’s unique cool dark antique copper flatware that marries rustic charm and modern style for a look that’s bold and gorgeous. The titanium coated finish is achieved through PVD coating, and pieces are dishwasher safe and scratch resistant if following recommended care instructions.

Set contains (4) each of the Dinner KNORK, Salad KNORK, Dinner Knife, Tablespoon, and Teaspoon + 2 additional serving spoons (1 regular, 1 slotted)

Why Knork?
Balanced, ergonomic, comfort finger platforms 
The smooth, contoured handle made just for your hands
Forks and spoons both boast deeper scoops
The innovative beveled tines on fork can cut and spear anything on the plate with ease

Product Care and Use

Price: $229.98