KNORK Eco Astrik 8 + 1 Piece (Pre-Order)

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Plant-based is the new plastic!

Love "fast" food, but not the single-use forks and spoons that go with it?
Made of bamboo fibers and sugar cane starch (PLA) , this set is made for the on-the-go diner--use the carrying case to take your own utensils, then throw everything in the dishwasher to use again! Pieces + case will compost within 2 years of disposal.

Biodegradable by design - meant to last about a year with use and reuse.

Set includes  an 8 Piece Eco Astrik set (4 Forks + 4 Spoons) and Carrying Case 
(carrying case holds Knork s/s teaspoon and salad fork as well as Eco pieces)
Fork: 6.75"
Spoon: 6.75"
retail packaging made of biodegradable kraft material - and zero plastic!

Product Care and Use

  • * Pre-order only- item will ship in August when in stock
Price: $17.99