Our Mission

Knork Flatware was formed with hope and vision of creating and producing products to aid in the chaos of today's on-the-go society. Founded by Michael D. Miller, the company is aggressive in its strategy and innovative in its approach-creating solutions for use in an unlimited number of markets.

Knork Flatware, a division of Phantom Enterprises, seeks to enhance the dining experience by integrating a fork with the functionality of a knife built in. The Knork concept modernizes flatware and has produced the flatware of today... and tomorrow.



what is KNORK?

A Knork Education

Innovative creativity can come from anywhere.  And that is what happened the day Mike Miller went to a pizzeria with friends and struggled to eat pizza neatly with a normal fork--while trying to impress the ladies joining them for dinner.  He noticed an employee using a pizza slicer, imagined how that functionality could exist on his fork, and the rest is flatware history. 

KNORK Flatware is ergonomically designed to correctly fit the way we naturally eat.  Its patented design combines innovation and function to produce a complete line of modern flatware designed with comfort, style and stability in mind.  Each piece features attributes unique to KNORK including smooth stem fingertip platforms, ergonomic shape and a heavier, balanced design that won't bend or fall from a plate. 

What is a Knork?



frequently asked questions

Will the Knork cut you?  No, it is not a sharp or serrated edge.  it is a combination of several modifications that allow the Knork to cut  without harming the user. The rounded, thinned tines create a beveled edge that allows the user to use a rocking motion to cut through foods.  The finger platform provides comfort and leverage while using the fork to cut.

Is the Knork for left and right handed users?  Yes, the finger platform and rounded, thinned tines flank both sides of the utensil.

What is the difference in finishes?  glossy - shiny mirrored finish, matte - a satin brushed finish, duo - a two tone finish with a frosted handle and glossy head

What is the difference between 18/10 and 18/0?

Stainless steel

Knork Flatware is dishwasher safe. 

In order to be called stainless steel, a steel alloy must contain at least 11.5% chromium. Aside from the knife blades, which contain more carbon and less chromium to ensure blades are sharp and stay that way, all of our flatware is made using 18% chromium. Some of our flatware, labeled as 18/10, contains nickel in addition to the chromium, which adds to the steel's resistance to corrosion as well as its luster. Because of a recent world shortage of nickel, which consequently doubled its price, we have consulted with independent metallurgists to assess the alternatives to using nickel. We learned that 18/10 stainless steel has a resistance to corrosion that far exceeds what is required for normal domestic use. Our 18 chrome stainless steel, properly processed, still meets our high standards for quality and passes all standard corrosion tests.


Stainless steel can last a lifetime with proper care. Avoid soaking for prolonged periods, damp storage conditions, abrasive cleaners and steel wool. Use a non lemon scented detergent and dry after washing. Stains and spots can be removed with a soap cloth or stainless steel cleaner.

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